Bob Costas Takes a Mulligan on Ceremonial First Pitch Before Cardinals-Reds Game (Video)

bob costas takes a mulligan on first pitch

Right now 50 Cent is saying “what the hell is a mulligan?” However, in a few seconds, after one of his people explains that a mulligan is a golf term that means free do-over, he’s going to be like, “why didn’t anyone tell me you could take one of those?”

You will recall, of course, that 50 Cent attempted to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Mets game back in May, only to fail miserably. So he probably would have liked to take a mulligan. However, the reality is not just anybody can ask for a mulligan. It takes a certain level of gravitas to get away with it—gravitas that 50 Cent does not have.

Legendary sports broadcaster Bob Costas has that gravitas, though. So when he called for a mulligan last night in St. Louis after he hooked his first first pitch wide of the plate, he got one.

Then he put his second first pitch right down the middle.

Take a look:

I bet poor Bob wishes the International Olympic Committee had granted him a mulligan for the 2014 Winter Olympics, when he had that nasty case of pink eye. But hey, you can’t always get what you want.

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