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French 4 x 400M Anchor Stages Amazing Come-From-Behind Win (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Tags:  France   Relay   Track   Underdog  

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If you like great come-from-behind wins, then this video is for you. Or, if you are indifferent to great-come-from-behind wins, but really like the sound of excited French announcers, then this video is also for you.

Going into the final handoff of the European Championship 4 x 400M relay final, Ukraine, Russia, and Great Britain seemed to have an unimpeachable lead over the pack. The race looked all but in the bag with the huge lead the trio enjoyed. However, you know that saying that doesn’t exist, “Never count out a Frenchman?”

Well, never count out a Frenchman.

Anchor runner Floria Guie demonstrated that she has as much tenacity as she does vowels in her name, holding steady after the handoff, then breaking late, making up distance at a ridiculous clip to take the gold by a hair.

Here’s the video. It’s worth your time:

The announcers are fired up, the crowd is fired up, and now you’re fired up, because everyone loves an underdog. Even a French one.