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Johnny Manziel Haters Can Now Buy ‘Johnny Clipboard’ T-Shirts Online

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, August 22, 2014

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What it lacks in design aesthetic or humor, it more than makes up for in…general antagonism? Dead-horse beating? Clipboard prominence?

I don’t think that we really need to sell the virtues of this shirt, because hating Johnny Manziel sells itself. Be it because you’re a Texas fan, you hate his swagger, or you just hate the coverage the media (yes, including our site) has given him, there are lots of reasons to wish Johnny Manziel would just go away.

And while haters can’t make him disappear, they can rejoice in the fact that he won’t be starting the first game of the season; management announced that Brian Hoyer will get the nod.

It’s not really much of a statement.  It’s standard practice to bench all but the most advanced rookie QB’s.  And let’s not forget that Johnny Manziel wasn’t even drafted in the first 20 picks, so this isn’t quite the burn that the sellers of this shirt would like it to be.

Whatever. It’s the start of a catchphrase.

Johnny Football? More like Johnny CLIPBOARD!

Nope. That’s dumb. Doesn’t work at all.

Nonetheless, if you must, you can buy the shirt here. Just make sure you go the whole nine yards and get the V-neck.