Marinko Matosevic Interrupts US Open Match Against Federer to Tell MJ “I Want to Be Like Mike” (Video)

marinko matosevic says i want to be like mike - michael jordan at 2014 us open

How big is Michael Jordan? Well, the guy hasn’t stepped foot on the NBA hardwood in 11 years, but this is now our second post about how he went to the US Open last night. So he’s pretty big.

We’re already seen the amazing tweener Roger Federer hit last night, which was subsequently given the official MJ clap of approval. Now we’ve got a post about Jordan and Federer’s opponent, Australian Marinko Matosevic.

You see, late in the third set, with Federer about to go up 5-3 in what was obviously going to be an easy straight set victory, Matosevic decided to make the best of his time on center court. So he shouted “I want to be like Mike,” then pointed to Jordan, who was sitting in Federer’s box, and gave him a bit of recognition.

Take a look:

That was pretty damn funny, but with all do respect to Jordan, Matosevic should probably try harder to be like Roger. After all, he’s the guy with 17 grand slam titles who mopped the floor with him last night.

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