The 20 Hottest Women at the 2014 US Open

hottest women at the 2014 US Open

I used to feel bad for doing lists of the hottest female tennis players, like I was some kind of degenerate for pointing out that, in addition to being good at tennis, they are also very attractive. However, I don’t feel bad anymore. At time of writing, three of the top six Google search results for “hottest players us open” are lists of the hottest men at the tournament. And honestly, I think that’s fantastic. Tennis players are elite physical specimens, and there’s nothing wrong with admiring them.

That being said, we here at Total Pro Sports focus on the women, because that’s what our demographic (mostly sports-loving dudes) seems to enjoy most. So today we present to you our list of the 20 hottest female players at the 2014 US Open.

If it’s the dudes you’re interested in, that’s fine. Here’s a list from another site that you might enjoy.

Otherwise, step right this way for the ladies…


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