Behold the Greatest Glitch in “Madden” History: a 14-inch Linebacker (Videos)

madden glitch tiny linebacker

If you thought the Madden 15 glitch we showed you last week was bad, the one we have for you today is going to blow your mind.

It involves rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey. You see, he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the third round of the 2014 draft with the 71st overall pick. However, for some reason, in Madden 15 he plays for the Tennessee Titans. And while Kirksey is 6’2″ and 233 pounds in real life, in the game he’s about 1’2″.

Sounds too ridiculous to be true, I know. But it is true. And it is hilarious.

Here’s a video with several minutes of footage of the diminutive defender:

And here’s a Vine that captures the hilarity in one single play:

I’m sure this all has something to do with a faulty line of programming, and thus a total accident. But it’s way more fun to imagine it was the work of one disgruntled EA Sports employee.

Either way, Kirksey—the actual human being—has been enjoying his bizarre claim to fame.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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