Play of the Year? Nebraska Wide Receiver Makes Ridiculous Behind-the-Back Catch (Video + GIF)

jordan westerkamp behind-the-back catch nebraska

Every year there are amazing plays on the opening weekend of college football, and every year we immediately and prematurely declare them “play of the year” candidates, even though there are three full months of the regular season left to go.

That being said, I am about 99% sure that the play you are about to watch will go down as the greatest catch of the 2014 college football season. Because, quite simply, it is one of the best catches of any college football season—or any pro football season for that matter.

The player responsible for this catch? Nebraska wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp. On Saturday, a pass intended for Westerkamp got deflected by a Florida Atlanta player, such that instead of falling into his outstretch hands it fluttered behind his back. However, Westerkamp had the reflexes to quickly reach behind his back, the eyes in the back of his head to find and grab the ball, and the awareness to then drag both feet on the ground before stepping out of bounds.

Result: the most incredible 16-yard passing play you’ll ever see.

Here it is in glorious slow motion:

And here it is from another angle:

jordan westerlake behind-the-back catch

If someone makes a better catch than that all year, all drinks everywhere are on me for life.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report and CBS Sports]

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