Latest “This Is SportsCenter” Commercial Features Jimmy Graham and Victor Cruz Playing Fantasy SportsCenter (Video)

sportscenter commercial fantasy sportscenter victor cruz jimmy graham

I really want to dislike ESPN and SportsCenter. The way they either invent the news (a la their coverage of Tim Tebow) or take real news stories and pervert them (a la their coverage of Michael Sam‘s showering habits) makes me want to punch a kitten in the throat.

Unfortunately, those damn “This is SportsCenter” commercials make it nearly impossible for me to truly hate them. They’re just too good.

The latest example, a tribute to the start of another NFL season, is no exception. In it, we learn that while everybody who works at ESPN is really into fantasy football, people who work for the NFL are really into fantasy SportsCenter.

That includes coaches, mascots, cheerleaders, the dude who holds that audio microphone dish thingy on the sidelines and, last but not least, Victor Cruz of the New York Giants and Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints.

Like I said, I want to hate ESPN. But it’s just so hard to hate people who consistently make you laugh. So I give up. You win, ESPN. I love you.

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