Watch Tom Brady Laugh at Reporters Who Ask Stupid Questions About Wes Welker (Video)

tom brady laughs at questions about wes welker

If you were under the impression that it was friend time for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, I’ve got news for you: it’s not. It’s opponent time.

That’s the basic takeaway from Tom Brady’s little media session after practice yesterday. When asked for his thoughts on Wes Welker, who was handed a four-game suspension after testing positive for amphetamines, Brady said it doesn’t concern him right now.

“That’s Wes’s situation and their team,” he explained. “Obviously I’ve got plenty to worry about with this week and this team and, uh, as a friend you always hope for the best but, you know, this is not friend time, this is opponent time, and my focus is on the Dolphins.”

At that point, my followup question would have been When is it Cowardly Lion time?, which I think would have gotten a big laugh from the press gallery. However, the actual followup question was pretty funny, too.

That question? “You were with [Welker] at the Kentucky Derby—did you see him taking anything?”

The response? “Oh yeah, we were all taking illegal drugs, and later we had an orgy with some farm animals!”

No, just kidding. The actual response was laughter, followed by a “no comment.”

Take a look:

So Tom Brady failed to shed light on Molly-gate. Shocking.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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