Comedian Derek Jeter Answers Reporter’s Phone During Post-Game Press Conference (Video)

derek jeter answers phone during press conference

Sunday was “Derek Jeter Day” at Yankee Stadium. What did that mean? It meant the New York Yankees put on a one-hour, star-studded extravaganza honoring the retiring Yankee legend before the game, showering him with gifts and accolades.

Ironically, the whole thing very un-Jeter. Here’s a guy revered for his class and humility in the face of super-stardom, and the Yankees honor him with an over-the-top Derek Jeter love-fest. But of course, the pomp wasn’t really for Derek Jeter. It was for the fans.

That being said, it’s not like all the fuss went to the guy’s head. After the game, during the press conference, Jeter was his same cool, unassuming self. So when a reporter’s phone rang while he was talking, he didn’t get pissed off and lash out. He just calmly took the phone and answered it, much to the delight of everyone in the room.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, the guy on the other end of that call—the husband of the reporter—didn’t actually hear Jeter’s hilarious quip. But I’m sure he still appreciates having played a part in such a classic Jeter moment.

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