Georgia Southern Coach Goes Nuts Celebrating Win (Video)

Georgia Southern Coach Goes Goes Nuts Celebrating Win (Video)

Letting your emotions get the best of you isn’t always a bad thing. For instance, if Georgia Southern coach was able to keep his cool after a win against Savannah State, then we wouldn’t have this hilarious video to show you below. To say that he celebrated would be a pretty epic understatement. He went apeshit.

And he crowd-dived (crowd-dove?), too. Take a look at the lunacy:

In fairness to Georgia Southern Coach Fritz, it was the school’s first win as a FBS program, and the Eagles did win in a 83-9 blowout. Yet the phrase still comes to mind, “Act like you’re been there before.” I mean, it’s not like they blocked a field goal to win the game. Judging by the score, he probably had a good idea of the outcome about three plays after the kickoff.

Whatever. A win is a win. Go get ’em, Fritz. Go get ’em Georgia Southern.

h/t – [Lost Letterman]

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