#Manningface: Exasperated Eli Manning Asks WTF After Interception (GIFs)

eli manning asks wtf after interception #manningface

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Just ask #manningface Eli Manning.

Last night the New York Giants traveled to Detroit to kick off their 2014 season against Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and the rest of the Lions. And although it’s a new season with lots of new players all over the place, the result for the Giants was the same. Some horrible offense, horrible defense, and a couple of untimely turnovers put a “1” in the L column instead of the W column.

While Detroit’s Stafford threw for 346 yards with two TDs and no picks, his two-time Super Bowl MVP counterpart threw for just 163 yards with more interceptions (2) than touchdowns (1). And after one of those interceptions, we got treated to our first epic #manningface of 2014.

Here’s the pick, which came early in the third quarter, as a result of the Giants receivers not heeded an audible:

eli manning asks wtf after interception #manningface

And here’s an exasperated Manning pondering the very meaning of his existence like some French existentialist on the sideline after the play:

eli manning asks wtf #manningface

Despite allowing Megatron to practically walk 67 yards into the endzone after catching a pass in the first quarter, the Giants were somehow still in the game at the start of the second half. Then that happened.

So yes, Eli. WTF indeed.

Looks like it’s gonna be another long season, Giants fans.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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