Maryland Terrapins Uniforms will Feature The Star-Spangled Banner Lyrics (Video)

Maryland Terrapins Uniforms: Star-Spangled Banner lyrics

What elements make up your favorite uniforms? Is it a cool logo? Familiar colors? Or is it something more nostalgic than that? If you don’t have a Star-Spangled Banner lyrics uniform, you might as well be playing naked. The Maryland Terrapins Uniforms will be spangling their football team’s helmets with the lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner. And if you don’t like the Maryland Terrapins uniforms, you not only hate Maryland, you hate freedom.

Why do you hate freedom?

While you think about that question for a while, we’ll have you know that the lyrics for the “Star-Spangled Banner” actually stem from Francis Scott Key’s poem “Defence of Fort McHenry,” which, while specific, is a terrible, terrible name for a poem.

Here’s a video that zooms in so close you really have no idea what you’re looking at. Enjoy!:

What are your favorite college team’s helmets spangled with? Probably a tree or a horse or something lame like that. Nothing inspires fear like a lengthy poem written in fancy calligraphy. Long live the Star-Spangled Banner lyrics uniform!!!

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