Miguel Cabrera Makes Like Matt Stafford, Throws TD Pass to Calvin Johnson at the Tigers Game (Video + GIF)

miguel cabrera throws ball to calvin johnson at the tigers game

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson had a typically amazing game to open the 2014 season on Monday night, racking up 164 yards on just six receptions, including a 67-yard touchdown just a few minutes into the game.

That being said, the highlight of every Detroit sports fan’s week might still be 2x AL MVP Miguel Cabrera throwing a touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson at the Tigers game. Because how often do you see that?

The Tigers, of course, are in the middle of a tight pennant race with the Kansas City Royals (no, really, the Royals), and last night Megatron decided to take in a game. However, because he is Megatron and not, say, you, he wasn’t out in the bleachers or something. He had amazing seats right behind home plate. So when Miguel Cabrera noticed him there before the sixth inning, he decided to have a little fun and throw a ball—football style—to the Lions superstar.

There was heavy coverage on the play, but Calvin Johnson came up with the ball. Just like always.

Take a look:

miguel cabrera thew a ball to calvin johnson at tigers game

You have to love the look on Johnson’s face. He may be a multimillionaire superstar athlete, but he’s just as excited as anybody else to get a souvenir at a baseball game.

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