Mike Tyson Interview Turns Into Profanity-Laced Tirade When Reporter Points Out He Is a Convicted Rapist (Video)

mike tyson interview goes horribly wrong profanity laced tirade against reporter

If you want a good Mike Tyson interview, ask the former heavyweight boxing champion if he has any thoughts on prostitution, of if he has any tips for having sex with women while in prison. The guy will happily talk your ear off.

If you want a bad Mike Tyson interview, just point out that he is a convicted rapist.

Such was the lesson Canadian journalist Nathan Downer learned earlier today during an interview with Tyson on CP24, Toronto’s 24-hour cable news channel.

Iron Mike was officially in town to promote his critically acclaimed one-man show. (That’s right, his critically acclaimed one man show.) However, yesterday Tyson stopped by city hall to visit Rob Ford and officially endorse him for a second term as Mayor of Toronto. And as you can imagine, that got everybody talking: does endorsing a crack-smoking mayor make Mike Tyson look bad, or does getting endorsed by a convicted rapist and alleged wife beater make Rob Ford look bad?

So Downer asked Tyson, point blank, whether he thought an endorsement from a convicted rapist would help Rob Ford. And at first, Mike tried to keep his cool, simply saying, “you’re being negative.”

However, it wasn’t long before he called Downer a “piece of sh*t” and launched into an explitive-ridden tirade.

Have a look at the very NSFW segment for yourself:

Yeah, that escalated quickly.

TMZ Sports contacted Tyson’s people after the segment and asked them to comment on the outburst, which they did. However, rather than apologize for the outburst of profanities, they came to Tyson’s defense.

“Mike was there to promote his very successful 1-man show, and we felt deceived, bamboozled by the reporter when he broke our agreement to focus on the show by going off-topic.”

Um, okay then.

As for Nathan Downer, he handled the whole thing like a pro:

Hat Tip – [TMZ and The National Post]

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