Roger Goodell Insists “No One in the NFL” Saw Ray Rice Video

roger goodell interview about ray rice video

Nobody in the NFL had seen the Ray Rice video at the time the two-game suspension was handed down at the end of July, commissioner Roger Goodell told CBS News last night in a sit-down interview.

Of course, he did throw in a “to my knowledge,” which leaves a little bit of wiggle room.

The issue of whether anybody with the league views the Ray Rice video has been a hot one since said video went public on Monday. When the league gave Rice his much-ridiculed two-game suspension, the theory was that the league was lenient because they could not say for sure what happened. If the league had seen the video, which shows a livid palmer getting knocked out by a sharp left hook, presumably they wouldn’t have come down harder.

However, at the time of the suspension, numerous well-connected football writers reported that the league had viewed the tape. And of course, on Monday night TMZ claimed employees at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City told them that some folks from the NFL went to look at the tape.

Goodell says this didn’t happen.

“We had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. We assumed that there was a video, we asked for video, we asked for anything that was pertinent, but we were never granted that opportunity.”

Unfortunately, though, when Goodell says “we asked for the video,” he means they asked the police for the video. They did not ask the casino for a copy because…um…why, Roger?

“I don’t know how TMZ or any other website gets their info. We are particularly reliant on law enforcement, that’s the most reliable, the most credible. We don’t seek to get that information from sources who are not credible.”

Ah, right. They didn’t ask the casino for a copy of the Ray Rice video because the casino is not a credible source. Which would make total sense if not for the fact that it’s ridiculous. Where the hell does the NFL think the police got the video?

Just admit the obvious, Roger: the league did not adequately investigate the domestic violence charges against Ray Rice.

Hat Tip – [TMZ and ESPN]

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