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Columbia College President Offers Madden Challenge for Textbooks (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, September 11, 2014
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Columbia College presidentColumbia College president Scott Dalrymple has an offer for his students: beat him in Madden and get free textbooks. Ok. It’s a pretty weird offer from an academic at a non-athletic school, but…wait. There is no “but.” It’s a weird offer, and if I was a student, I would be wondering why I have to excel in a video game against a faculty member to get a break on a necessary item. From the Columbia College president, no less.

It’s not even a favorable shot. The students will host a tournament in October, then the winner will take on the Columbia College president. So it’s not like you can just cruise into his office and take a crack at him. There’s a whole process.

Here’s a video of the prez making the offer. And don’t worry, he’s decked out like a lunatic, in case you thought he wouldn’t be:

It would make a little more sense if Madden or EA was sponsoring this thing, but it seems to be completely conceived by the school. Whatever. Might as well get your kids playing video games since they probably won’t be able to afford your books anyway, right?