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Danny Ferry Audio Gives You The Racist Remarks Firsthand (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, September 12, 2014
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Danny Ferry Audio

Finally, the Danny Ferry audio recording has surfaced, allowing us to hear his allegedly racist comments regarding Luol Deng firsthand. Without reliving too much of what was said, Danny Ferry, a former NBA player with the Cleveland Cavs, made an insensitive (at the least) remark about Luol Deng having “some African in him” as a reason for shadiness in his dealings. It’s all pretty stupid.

However stupid, though, it’s not the story that many thought it would be, or deserves to be, because something a little bigger is going in with the NFL, Ray Rice, and Roger Goodell. So two transgressions in the Hawks organization, one included in the Danny Ferry audio, and the other from Bruce Levenson, the team’s owner. Levenson’s transgression is big enough to compel him to sell his stake, but it won’t make the front page this week.

Still, a story is a story, so here’s the Danny Ferry audio recording regarding Luol Deng:

So there it is. It will surely come to haunt him, if not becoming his total downfall, but we’ll probably have to wait a while for the justice to fully play itself out. Apparently, karma wants to take care of Roger Goodell first.