Follow Reggie Bush's Wife on Instagram Right Now
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Stop What You’re Doing And Follow Reggie Bush’s Wife on Instagram Right Now (Pics +GIFs)

by: Esteban On  Friday, September 12, 2014

reggie bush's wife lilit avagyan bush instagram

You probably think I’m joking, but I’m not. Whatever you are doing right now, stop and take a moment to follow Reggie Bush’s wife on Instagram. Even if your boss is a heterosexual woman she will understand. Reggie Bush’s wife is that hot.

Of course, at this point I should probably stop just referring to her as Reggie Bush’s wife. Her actual name is Lilit Avagyan Bush. She looks like a hotter Kim Kardashian (sorry Kanye), and she is really, really good at working out in yoga pants. Like, if somebody started a working-out-in-yoga-pants hall of fame, she’s be the first person inducted.

Amazingly, Lilit only joined Instagram a couple of months ago. Her first post is from July 26. But she’s already got 51,658 followers at time of writing, and I’m guessing that she’ll probably have at least 60,000 by Monday.

Here are some GIF-iczed versions of one of her videos:

reggie bush's wife working out on instagram

reggie bush's wife working out on instagram

reggie bush's wife working out on instagram

And here is sampling of some of her other work:

You are now a Lions fan. Sorry.

Hat Tip – [Busted Coverage]