TCU Catch Made by Josh Doctson Gets Made WAY Up in the Air (Video)

TCU catch

The TCU catch made by wideout Josh Doctson might be the best one made this season in college ball. It’s not the prettiest, because, honestly, the TCU quarterback didn’t do a great job of placing the pass. It was about eight feet too high. Well, truth be told, it was about eight feet too high for the Minnesota cornerback. It was right in the wheelhouse of WR Josh Doctson, who apparently has springs for legs.

And to top thing off, he uses a pool skimmer for a right hand to make this play. Take a look at Doctson going up, up, up, up, and away to make a huge grab in the corner of the endzone:

There wasn’t a lot that could have been done on Minnesota‘s end to make a play, short of having two players take the field, one on the other’s shoulders. And that would have probably impeded their lateral movement a bit.

So, no. There’s nothing that could have been done here, short of getting an equally freaky athlete in at corner. And that athlete would probably have to be Josh Doctson, and as we all know, the NCAA doesn’t let one player play against himself for two different teams.

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