Angry Peyton Manning Targets Julius Thomas This Time Around (Video)

Angry Peyton Manning

Angry Peyton Manning is making more and more appearances as the Denver Broncos QB gets further and further into his career. While some players get calmer with age, we’ve always had the feeling that Peyton Manning has a compulsion for more titles, and with the Super Bowl loss last year, that window might be getting smaller and smaller. Since nice guys finish last in this and every other aspect of life, why not take Angry Peyton Manning out for a walk a little more often.

Here’s some video of Angry Peyton Manning supplanting Regular Peyton Manning and rearing his yell-y head at receiver Julius Thomas:

What brought about this ire? Why, Julius Thomas ran the wrong route on a 3rd-and-5. That’ll do it. We’ve seen Peyton go ballistic over less. Off the field, he seems to be a pretty great guy, so it’s a little more forgiveable, (perhaps logical, even) that Manning would put on the bad guy hat to motivate his team.

I mean, you have to be firm with them. Many of them are all hopped up on Molly and petting horses when they should be training.

This comes after his first personal foul flag ever. Let’s root for the bad guy, how ’bout it?

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