Apparently Drake is an Oregon Ducks Fan Now? (Pic)

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As you may know, Aubrey Graham, a.k.a. Drake, has an ever-rotating and expanding series of sports allegiances that fit into three basic categories. The first category consists of teams from his home town of Toronto, such as the Toronto Raptors. The second consists of teams with star players whom Drake wants to (or already has) befriend(ed), such as the Miami Heat. And the third consists of teams with which Drake has corporate ties.

Of course, these categories do overlap. The Raptors, for example, are Drake’s hometown team. However, he is also their employee, sporting the title of “Global Brand Ambassador.” So there’s synergy there.

I bring this up because, apparently, Drake is an Oregon Ducks fan now. And there is synergy here, too.

As you can see in the photos above, which were taken at Drake’s concert on Saturday night in Ridgefield, Washington, a suburb of Portland, Oregon, Drizzy was sporting not one but two different Marcus Mariota jerseys.

Now, on the one hand, the Ducks are good and Marcus Mariota is considered a strong Heisman Trophy candidate. And that makes Mariota a perfect candidate to fill that Johnny Manziel-shaped hole in Drake’s college football-loving heart.

However, this new sports loyalty probably goes deeper than Drake just hopping on a winner’s bandwagon. You see, the Oregon Ducks are probably the most stylish team in college sports, and it just so happens that the school’s biggest benefactor is Oregon-based Nike…with whom Drake has a huge endorsement deal. So this isn’t just Drake liking a winner. It’s a brilliant corporate partnership.

Also, a drake is a male duck. So, you know.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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