Jeter Collection Unveiled by Nike’s Jordan Brand (Pics)

Nike's Jordan Brand Reveals their Jeter Collection

The Derek Jeter collection by the Jordan brand of Nike has been announced, and Yankee haters may want to turn the other way. In addition to the pinstriped little number that you can check out at the top of this page, we’ve got another shoe that will more than likely remind you of the Bronx Bombers below.

Of course, it’s pretty unreasonably to think that Mr. Yankee would be getting shoes in teal or yellow. After all, he was a Yankee his whole career, so of course they’re going to give him shoes in blue with pinstripes.  It only makes sense that way, right?

However, the good news is, if you don’t care for that team or Derek Jeter, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY THE SHOES FROM THE JETER COLLECTION. Purchase of them is entirely voluntary.

Here’s the other shoes, but it’s unlikely to change your opinion of the Jeter collection, the Yankees, Nike’s Jordan Brand, or the universe as a whole:


Hmm. They look sort of orthopedic. But, to be fair, Jeter is very, very old. So it’s possible he’s wearing them right now.

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