The New NBA 2K Introductions, Brought to Us by LeBron James
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The New NBA 2K Introductions, Brought to Us by LeBron James (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NBA 2k introductions

The new NBA 2K introductions are here. At least they are for the Cleveland Cavaliers. How do we know? Because LeBron James was nice enough to share them with us. He could have picked any NBA team, but he picked HIS team. Kinda selfish, but not a surprise.

The graphics look…ok. Not amazing, but better than anything I could design, so I’m not gonna get too picky. Also, being the team introductions, the scene is very dark, so it’s a little hard to judge the clarity and crispness of the graphics.

Anyway, if you thought that LeBron James returning to Cleveland was just a gag, it’s official. Why? Because it’s in a video game. There’s no welching on that promise now!

Here’s the video of the NBA 2K introductions featuring LeBron James, and Kevin Love. Oh yeah, I guess this means Kevin Love is going to start for Cleveland. In case there was any question.

They’re just tossing out spoilers left and right in this thing.