Korean Mayor Gets Hit with an Egg after Moving Baseball Stadium (Video)

Korean Mayor

A Korean mayor was pelted with an egg (two, actually) following a public hearing during which he moved his town’s baseball stadium.

In case you’re a devil for the details, the mayor was Ahn Sang-soo, the town the stadium WAS in was Jinhae, and the new home for the complex will be Masan. I doubt those names really helped you with anything, but they’re out there now.

I guess it’s the mayor’s authority to do that, but a Jinhae councilman expressed his dissatisfaction in the awesomest way possible: He threw a raw egg at the Korean mayor. Then another one. Two eggs. If that was the standard way to express anger in the American political arena, JFK might still be alive today. Or he would have died, but not of a gunshot.

Here’s the video. It’s a good video. It’s soundtracked with some jamboree-style banjo and harmonica, because it’s awesome:

I hope that their baseball team is able to find some level of comfort in Masan.

I also hope that the Jinhae councilman will realize that his anger and rage was never about baseball stadiums. It was about his father. And the type of father he’s being to his son. His resentment just manifested itself in the form of egg-tossing-stadium-relocation outrage.

Classic tale of a Korean mayor and his angry councilmen.

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