The NFL Simpsonized by Bleacher Report (Pics)
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The NFL Simpsonized by Bleacher Report (Pics)

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NFL Simpsonized

The NFL and The Simpsons have been the source of two of Fox’s most popular television programs over the past couple of decades.  So Bleacher Report and artist Adrien Noterdaem collaborated to do the obvious thing and mash the two together to create “The NFL Simpsonized.”

The NFL Simpsonized recreates popular players from the National Football League in The Simpsons form, and the results are pretty awesome.

Most of the pieces from the NFL Simpsonized collection are pretty standard.

There’s Peyton Manning doing one of his classic Manning Faces…

Peyton Manning

There’s Tom Brady looking handsome…

Tom Brady

There’s Marshawn Lynch with a pack of Skittles in his hand…

Marshawn Lynch

And there’s even Colin Kaepernick doing his patented Kaepernicking pose…

Colin Kaepernick

And then, for some strange reason, there’s Jay Cutler smoking a butt…

Jay Cutler

Even though I’ve never seen it, for some reason smoking a butt on the football field seems like something that is sooooo Jay Cutler.  So kudos to Bleacher Report and Adrien Noterdaem for thinking about it and applying it to their collection of The NFL Simpsonized images.

As for the rest of the images from The NFL Simpsonized, by Bleacher Report and Adrien Noterdaem, you can check them out below:

Robert Griffin III

J.J. Watt

NFL Simpsonized Richard Sherman

NFL Simpsonized Jimmy Graham



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