Arkansas State Fake Punt Has Earned A Fake '30 For 30' Trailer
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Arkansas State Fake Punt Has Earned A Fake ’30 For 30′ Trailer (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, September 19, 2014

Arkansas State fake punt

The Arkansas State fake punt from last week that saw a player falling to the ground lifelessly as a distraction was pretty terrific. And since we live in the media age, we know that terrific things get memorialized with uppity sports documentaries. So someone went ahead and created a fake 30 for 30 trailer for the punt.

It’s funny on a number of levels. First, the Arkansas State fake punt was awesome and hilarious on its own. Secondly, it’s a pretty spot on commentary of how sensational things get in the information age.  Snd thirdly, it’s a really good parody of 30 for 30.

Enough pussyfootin’ around. Here’s the trailer we promised you:

Naming it “Dead Play” was a stroke of genius. It’s one of those ideas that is so good, I’m mad it wasn’t mine.

It’s not the first parody of the trick play, but it’s the funniest.