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Celebratory Crotch Grab: Female Falcons Fan Celebrates First Down by Groping Boyfriend (GIFs)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 12, 2017


Tickets to an NFL football game: $100. Getting drunk on Miller Lite: $40. Having the entire internet see you give your boyfriend a celebratory crotch grab: pretty damn embarrassing. But yes, also: priceless.

So it was pretty much just one big party up in the Georgia Dome stands, and CBS kept cutting to shots of the festivities between plays and while heading to commercial…which is how we got to see this:

It kinda makes you wonder what she did after a touchdown, doesn’t it? Guy probably had to ice his marbles when he got home.

All jokes aside, as far as amorous activities at sporting events go, this little celebratory crotch grab is pretty tame.

Not that this woman’s dad sees it that way.