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Ray Rice Jersey Swap Attracted a LOT of Fans in Baltimore (Pics)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, September 19, 2014
Tags:  Baltimore Ravens   Ray Rice  

Ray Rice jersey swap

The Ray Rice jersey swap took place in Baltimore today, allowing fans to turn in their Ray Rice gear for that of a less domestic abuse-y player. And the turnout was pretty strong. It’s unclear if many of the participants of the Ray Rice jersey swap were there for strictly practical reasons or if they were there to show that they just don’t support the guy, but either way, a strong showing.

Here’s a photo of the rules of the Ray Rice jersey swap, which appears to be a byzantine mess. Someone read this for me and give me the gist. I can’t tell what’s what.

And here’s the picture of the line again, in all its majesty.

Not pictured are the many fans that still, for some reason, wish to support Ray Rice. They’re at home, enjoying their Ray Rice jerseys without any complaints, those weirdos.

So, follow the complicated directions, drive out to a stadium in Baltimore, wait in a really long line, and do your part to speak out against Ray Rice. This is why you don’t buy NFL jerseys. They can go to pot at a moment’s notice.