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Roger Goodell Press Conference Gets Interrupted by Screaming Man (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, September 19, 2014

Roger Goodell press conference

The Roger Goodell press conference, his first since getting hit from all sides in the wake of domestic and child abuse incidents involving the likes of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, was interrupted by a screaming stranger midway through.

The man crashed the Roger Goodell press conference to yell, “Don’t take me to an elevator.” It’s presumably a reference to the locale of the NFL‘s now-infamous Ray Rice incident, but why this man doesn’t want to go to one, and why he’s telling this to Roger Goodell and the world is anyone’s guess.

It’s an appropriately bizarre event for this whole mess.

The guy was forcibly removed from the Roger Goodell press conference, as you can see here on this video:

I’m sure, just like every other aspect of this fiasco, we’ll learn the meaning of all of this later on, but for now let’s just exhale and take in the glorious shitshow that is the NFL these days. It sure went to hell in a hurry.

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