After Taking Painful Nutshot, Rugby Player Checks Nuts to Make Sure They’re Still There (Video)

english rugby player checks nuts

When it comes to the toughest athletes in the world, one could make a pretty compelling case that it’s a toss-up between hockey players and rugby players. However, I personally would give the edge to rugby players, because ultimately I think they’re more insane.

After all, while a hockey player may not think twice about getting his tooth knocked out, they do wear helmets and shoulder pads. Meanwhile, some rugby players go into battle without even wearing a protective cup…which brings us to this amazing video. It’s from the 2003 Rugby World Cup, but we’re only seeing it now because it predates YouTube, and because it’s only now that the English national team is counting down the greatest moments from that World Cup (which they won).

So what does this video show? First it shows Will Greenwood taking a painful shot to the nuts while scoring a try. Then it shows Greenwood sticking his hand down his pants to make sure both of his nuts are still there. And, finally, it shows Greenwood letting the crowd know everything is okay with a thumbs up.

In other words, it’s basically the most rugby thing ever.

Take a look:

The crazy thing is that, even if Greenwood had lost a nut, he probably would have just gotten a few stitches and returned to the game.

Sure, you scoff, but it’s happened before.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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