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Brian Hartline Golfing TD Celebration Is So Dorky It’s Cool (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, September 22, 2014

Brian Hartline

Brian Hartline made the most of a touchdown earlier today as the Miami Dolphins wide receiver celebrated a touchdown catch with a very goofy little choreographed routine. Upon putting six up on the board, Brian Hartline got his teammates huddled around him, then lined up a pantomime putt. He drew back his fictional putter, and…wouldn’t you know it? He drained it.

Good thing he made the invisible putt, because there were a lot of people watching. It would have been super-embarrassing if he had missed and two-putted.

As a matter of fact, how do we know that he DID make that putt? Oh, that’s right. He had a bunch of his teammates around as witnesses. No conflict of interest there.

Take a look for yourself at the Brian Hartline revelry:

Maybe he could do progressively whiter and whiter things in celebration of his future touchdowns. Maybe, he could rollerblade the next time, go wine tasting the time after that, then wait in line for 30 minutes to spend six dollars on a cup of drip coffee. This trend has legs, I tell ya.

If nothing else, you have to admire the ref, who saddled up to make sure that everything about the fake putt was legal. And then he assessed a penalty of 15 yards to the Dolphins. Duh.