DeAndre Hopkins Catch Against the Giants Is Borderline Superhuman (Video)

DeAndre Hopkins catch

The DeAndre Hopkins catch that took place yesterday came just two days after we released our list of the most athletic NFL grabs.

Hopkins’ catch might have made the list too, had it come one week earlier.  It took place late in the second quarter of the Houston Texans’ 30-17 loss to the New York Giants.  With his team trailing 7-0 at the time, Hopkins hauled in a 53-yard bomb from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick with one hand while falling backwards.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then may I suggest you lower your eyes slightly to watch a Vine of the DeAndre Hopkins catch as he sprawls up and over just about everyone in the stadium to make the grab.

Now for the sad part: the catch didn’t count due to an illegal formation penalty. So it was never in contention for the list, because as athletic as the DeAndre Hopkins catch was, if it doesn’t count, it doesn’t count.

Also, the Texans lost, which isn’t really under the direct control of Hopkins, but it’s a factor. These things are always more legendary in a victory. And when they’re not in week 3 of the season.

In any event, ignore all this contextual crap and marvel in this catch.

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