King James Effect: Browns and Ravens Both Performed LeBron Inspired Touchdown Celebrations Yesterday in Cleveland (Videos)

lebron inspired touchdown celebrations

LeBron James hasn’t even played a game since announcing his return to Cleveland, but he’s already had a huge impact on local…NFL touchdown celebrations?

Yes, it’s strange but true. At yesterday’s Browns-Ravens game in Cleveland, both the Ravens and Browns performed LeBron inspired touchdown celebrations.

First it was the home team’s Terrance West. After scoring a one-yard rushing touchdown to give the Browns a 7-3 lead in the first quarter, he did this

Which of course was inspired by this

lebron style touchdown celebration

After then, apparently under the impression that LeBron inspired touchdown celebrations are all the rage, the Ravens performed their own.

Here is Kyle Juszczyk in the second quarter after catching a nine-yard touchdown pass from Joe Flacco that gave Baltimore a 10-7 lead…

That, obviously, was inspired by this…

lebron style touchdown celebration

Of course, we’ve seen LeBron inspired touchdown celebrations before. Cam Newton did it last year, and former Lions receiver Nate Burleson did it just to piss off the Dog Pound back in 2011. But this is the first time we’ve seen members of opposing teams do it in the same game.

As for what Browns fans think about all this, that remains to be seen. But I bet they’d rather see this than watch another opposing defensive end do the money fingers after sacking Johnny Manziel.

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