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LSU Keg Stand Made Possible By…a State Senator (Pic)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, September 22, 2014
Tags:  Keg Stand   LSU   Mary Landrieu   Tigers  

LSU keg stand

An LSU keg stand before a Tigers game isn’t exactly a newsworthy event. I’m guessing that, at any given time, there are 15 keg stands going on in the parking lot outside the stadium. However, most of those keg stands don’t have a Louisiana state senator facilitating them. I say “most” because it’s totally possible (likely?) that Mary Landrieu was not the only state senator playing drinking games that day.

The photo tells a fun story, but we’re denied the pleasure of a video. That’s too bad. If a senator is the type of person to participate in a drinking game, they’re almost certainly also the type of person that will call someone a pussy for not lasting longer than ten seconds in the inverted drinking endeavor.

This is one of the most quintessentially Louisianan events ever. This would be like if Anne Rice and Dr. John were on a fan boat making gumbo with their pet alligator, Josephine. Who would have thought an LSU keg stand would demonstrate so much of what a state expects from both its football fans and its politicians?

Probably everyone, but it’s nice to see that our hunches were confirmed with this photo. Your move, Florida.