Mark Wahlberg Left Robert Kraft Hanging Like He’s Tom Brady or Something (GIF)

mark whalberg left robert kraft hanging

NFL owners are some of the richest, most well-connected people in America. So you might think they would be above the ninety-nine percent’s infatuation with celebrities. But no. NFL owners may spend more money every month on toilet paper for all the bathrooms in all their mansions than you make in an entire year, but they still want to be cool and party with celebrities just like the rest of us.

The only difference is that they actually can party with celebrities because they own NFL football teams. And that brings us to Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. Sitting in his box at Gillette Stadium yesterday was Marky Mark Wahlberg, formerly of the Funky Bunch, who is a Boston native and a huge Patriots fan. And after Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown that gave the Pats a 7-3 lead over the Raiders in the second quarter, Mark Wahlberg totally left Robert Kraft hanging:

mark wahlberg left robert kraft hanging

I’m sure it was probably just an oversight, and that Wahlberg eventually turned and gave Kraft the celebrity high-five he so desperately craved. But it’s still fun to see rich guys look stupid, no?

Of course, Kraft isn’t the only member of the New England Patriots who knows what it’s like to be left hanging.

I’m looking at you, Tom Brady.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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