Marshawn Lynch Dreadlock Ripped Out, Casually Picked Up by Lynch (Video)

Marshawn Lynch

A Marshawn Lynch dreadlock was ripped out of the star running back’s scalp during a pretty nice run by the Pro Bowler in the third quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl rematch against the Denver Broncos. And while it may not be the ammunition NFL fans need to claim that their athletes are tougher than those rugby dudes, it’s always fun to see a player who insists on keeping long hair after getting that hair ripped out.

We’ve seen it with Fitzgerald and Polamalu as well in the past.

There’s nothing here that suggests the Marshawn Lynch dreadlock was ripped out maliciously by Denver Broncos defender T.J. Ward. He was reaching out to make a play, and he just managed to get a fistful of dreadlock. Not perfect, but not a crime or anything. Marshawn Lynch is hilariously blasé about the whole thing. 

Take a look at the video of the taking of the Marshawn Lynch dreadlock, then take a look at the video it reminds me of:

Marshawn Lynch dreadlock

Another day, another dollar. Invest in a haircut or bandana, Marshawn. I say that as a friend. That has to hurt.

Seriously, I’ll send him a bandana or a skull cap. I mean, I don’t have them in my possession now, but they’re not expensive, and I’m happy to help if it means that I don’t need to watch dreadlocks getting ripped out.

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