This Stephen Tulloch Celebration Fail Was Probably the Highlight of Yesterday’s Lions-Packers Game (Videos)

Stephen Tulloch celebration fail

Lions fans can’t complain about the outcome of yesterday’s Lions-Packers game. Their team beat Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, their bitter NFC North rivals, to go to 2-1 and take sole possession of first place in the division. However, casual NFL fans who tuned in hoping to see Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson connect for some showtime plays were out of luck. Stafford threw for just 246 yards and no TDs, while Megatron racked up a measly 82 yards.

The only silver lining for these people? They got to see the Stephen Tulloch celebration fail. He sacked Aaron Rodgers for an eight yard loss in the first quarter, which was certainly a play worth celebrating. However, Tulloch got a little overzealous while mocking Rodgers’s discount double-check and ended up pulling a Gramatica, injuring his knee.

Take a look:

Tulloch had to leave the game after that. And though we don’t yet know the extent of his injury, we do know the linebacker is not embarrassed.

“I’ve been playing nine years and never missed a game in my career,” Tulloch explained. “I’ve been fortunate enough to take care of my family and do some good things in the league. I’m never embarrassed of anything I do, and I made a play on the quarterback to help my team. Unfortunately, I got up in celebration and it happened. But I ain’t embarrassed by nothing. We all celebrate when we make a play.”

Nice sentiment, but let’s see what everyone thinks after the MRI.

Hat Tip – [MLive]

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