Fake Mike Ditka Made an Appearance on Monday Night Football Last Night (Video)

fake mike ditka

We’ve been hearing a lot from the real Mike Ditka recently, as the former Bears coach has weighed in on everything from the Ray Rice situation to whether or not the Washington franchise should keep the name some people consider a racial slur. And, frankly, there are a lot of people (myself included) who just wish the man would go back to being a caricature—not because we don’t want Ditka to exercise his right to free speech, but because he’s more fun when he’s just a guy in blue blockers with a sweet mustache and an old-school Chicago accent.

That’s why, personally, I prefer Fake Mike Ditka, who made an appearance on Monday Night Football between Da Bears and Jets in New York. You get all the good stuff about Ditka, but none of the controversial rants about how “the liberals of the world” are trying to ruin football history. Just pure Ditka schtick, no politics.

It really is ideal. Take a look:

The nice thing for this guy, too, is that in addition to getting on ESPN, he’s also got his Halloween costume all lined up. And it’s only September.

Nice job, Fake Mike Ditka

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