James Harrison Retirement Ends As He Re-Signs with Steelers

James Harrison retirement

The James Harrison retirement ended early, as the once-dominating linebacker has re-signed with the team that made him famous, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Harrison announced his retirement a month ago, but told the world that he would be there if the Steelers needed him. There’s a couple interesting things about this:

1) It’s clear now that he didn’t want to walk away from football. ¬†Rather, the 36 ¬†year-old just hated being on the Bengals. We got that impression from Hard Knocks, and we still have it with this.

2) The James Harrison retirement was under the pretense of health issues. I admire loyalty to his old team, and his tenacity, but it seems a little misplaced if he is putting himself in danger, no?

With his age, he’s not going to be a game-changer, and it’s not clear if he will start, but he will be an intimidating presence on a defense that he knows forward and backward, which is probably enough to scare opposing QBs into at least two extra intentional grounding calls per game.

The James Harrison retirement was fun while it lasted, but I don’t exactly see this guy reading James Patterson novels or gardening in his downtime. Welcome back, you intimidating monster!

Here’s a look at Harrison signing his new contract:

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