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Mike Tyson Comes to Aid of Motorcycle Crash Victim “Like Some Kind of Superhero”

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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mike tyson helps motocycle crash victim

When we last heard from Mike Tyson, he was in Toronto cursing out a news reporter on live television after that reporter brought up the fact that Tyson is a convicted rapist. However, today we have a different kind of Mike Tyson story. It’s not about Mike Tyson, certified crazy person. It’s about Mike Tyson, superhero.

Last Tuesday in Las Vegas, a motorcyclist named Ryan Chesley, 29, was riding along I-15 in Las Vegas at about 9:30 p.m. when a taxi cut him off and he wiped out. Next thing he knows he’s on the ground in a daze, looking up at Mike Tyson.

“He thought he was hallucinating,” Chesley’s attorney told the Associated Press. “He thought he was in some other world.”

He wasn’t hallucinating, though. Iron Mike saw the incident and slammed on his breaks, stopping traffic. Then, aware that Chesley might be in shock, he went over and talked to him to keep him calm until paramedics arrived, while also shouting at other would-be do-gooders not to move or touch Chesley just in case he had a spinal injury.

Fortunately, Chesley did not have a spinal injury. And the injuries he did sustain—some broken bones and torn ligaments—did not prevent him from getting his phone out of his pocket and snapping a pic of Tyson, who “just left like some kind of superhero” as soon as paramedics arrived.

Chesley later sent the former heavyweight champ a fruit basket and a hand written thank you note, according to Tyson’s assistant.

“Thank you so much for looking over me after my accident,” the note read. “It has to be the most reassuring thing in the world to have Mike Tyson telling people not to touch me.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Hat Tip – [TMZ & ESPN]


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