Philippines Basketball Game Gets Ugly with Huge Brawl (Video)

Philippines basketball

The world of Philippines¬†basketball doesn’t get a whole lot of press here in North America, but all that would change if they brawled like they did a few days ago more often.

We’ll spare the details of the¬†Emilio Aguinaldo-Mapua match (if you want, you can read them here) and we’ll get right to the “good” stuff. We hope you think that giant displays of violence are “good.”¬†

Anyway, here’s a video of the goings-on, which makes the Pacers-Pistons debacle look like a hippie drum circle. Take a look at the ugly side of a Philippines basketball game. Here we go:

Judging by the attendance, people in the Philippines feel the same way about Philippines basketball that we do.

All players and coaches (!) involved will get hit with at least a one-game suspension. That sounds pretty light for the crime committed, but considering this is the most interesting thing to happen in the world of Philippines basketball in a while, they should be given medals.

No. They shouldn’t.

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