This Keith Olbermann Jeter Rant Takes a Giant Dump on the Captain’s Retirement Parade (Vide)

olbermann jeter rant

Last week SNY host Chris Carlin called Derek Jeter a “fraud.” However, he didn’t offer a very nuanced argument for his position, because he’s really just a sports talk radio troll who managed to get a gig on TV.

The Keith Olbermann Jeter rant you’re about to watch is different. I wouldn’t say he “destroys” Jeter, the Yankees, and their fans. But he makes an impassioned case against them.

Olbermann’s basic claim is that, reputation aside, Jeter’s actual production doesn’t merit such a resplendent farewell, with all the gifts and ceremonies and commemorative patches. And Olbermann actually backs his claim up with an extensive array of stats that debunk the idea that Jeter is one of the best Yankees ever.

Then, after the stats, around the 5:30 mark, Olbermann turns his attention to Jeter himself, pointing out that a real Yankees “captain” would have removed himself from the two spot in the lineup for the benefit of the team. And that, of course, is the part of the Olbermann Jeter rant that will really rile up the Jeter faithful.

Take a look:

For the most part I agree with Olbermann here. The only thing I will say is that the reason Jeter is so revered is that, recent ego indulgence aside, Jeter always has been a pretty classy guy, and for that reason he came to personify “Yankeeness” for Yankees fans. To them, Jeter is not just a player. He’s an unassailable idea.

Is that a good thing? Maybe, maybe not. But I can’t say I blame them. Sports is more fun when you have something to believe in, even if it is false.

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