Pirates Catcher Tony Sanchez Videobombs Teammates with Stone Cold Steve Austin Victory Celebration (Videos)

Pirates Catcher Tony Sanchez Videobombs Teammates with Stone Cold Steve Austin Victory Celebration

In the olden days, “making the playoffs” in baseball meant you survived a 162-game slog to finish first in your division and among the top four in all of baseball. And that might have been worthy of a beer-soaked locker room free-for-all. But now “making the playoffs” can mean as little as you are the 10th-best team in baseball and now you get to play one game against the 8th place team to see who gets to play at least three games against the 5th place team. And, for the most part, celebrating that with a beer-soaked locker room free-for-all—let alone a Stone Cold Steve Austin victory celebration—seems pretty ridiculous.

That said, I’m totally fine with the Pittsburgh Pirates doing it. They went 20 consecutive seasons without so much as a winning record, let alone a postseason berth. So whey they officially qualified for the MLB Postseason for the second-straight year with a win over the Braves last night, a Stone Cold Steve Austin victory celebration was definitely in order.

In fact, by that same logic, if the Kansas City Royals hold on for a spot in the postseason, I’d have no problem with them holding a parade through downtown. They haven’t made the postseason since 1985!

But back to the Pirates and their aforementioned Stone Cold Steve Austin victory celebration. It all started with the now-traditional spraying of the beer. However, it didn’t take long for Pirates players to start consuming the beer, which in turn led to backup catcher Tony Sanchez videobombing his teammates with the classic Stone Cold double-chug.

Here he is behind MVP candidate Andrew McCutchen:

And here he is behind pitcher Tony Watson:

Like I said, if this were any other team—like, say, the Cardinals—this sort of celebration for simply reaching the NL Wild Card Game would be idiotic.

But it’s not any other team. It’s the Pirates. So it’s awesome.

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