Kirk Cousins Swapped in for RGIII on South Park Season 18 Premiere (Pic)

south park season 18 premiere robert griffin iii

We thought the highly anticipated South Park Season 18 premiere was going to feature Robert Griffin III standing behind Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder as he pleaded with Eric Cartman to stop using his team’s name and logos. After all, that’s what was in the promo that aired during the Philadelphia-Washington game last Sunday.

However, if you tuned in last night to watch the Redskins and the NFL get lampooned—and they did get lampooned—you saw something different.

As you probably know, South Park’s bread and butter has always been their ability to respond to current events faster than any other scripted show on television. Thus, instead of Robert Griffin III, who we all know dislocated his ankle in Week 2 against the Jaguars because he’s made of glass and tissue paper, standing behind Dan Snyder next to coach Jay Gruden in the South Park Season 18 premiere was the Washington Redskins’ new starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins.

south park season 18 premiere dan snyder kirk cousins gruden - sports figures parodied on south park

Of course, the switcheroo had no impact on the plot whatsoever. RGIII was only thrown in to make sure the franchise’s biggest star was part of the critique, and swapping him out was actually just another dig at Snyder—as in, “Haha, the guy in whom you’ve invested your team’s future keeps getting injured!”

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