Derek Jeter’s Adorable Nephew Tips Cap to Uncle After Walk-Off Hit

derek jeter's adorable nephew tips cap to uncle after walk-off single

For the most part, Derek Jeter‘s final game at Yankee Stadium went like it was scripted by Disney.

Rain clouds give way to a rainbow…The faded hero, rejuvenated by the electricity pulsating through the stadium, steps to the plate with the game on the line…He delivers one more clutch, game-winning hit…Crowd goes wild.

The only thing missing, from a wholesome and happy Disney point of view, was a wife and adorable kid to embrace afterward. But as we all know, Jeter is a notorious bachelor known for dating model after actress after model. So he doesn’t have a wife. And because Jeter is so classy, he always practices safe sex, which means he doesn’t have an adorable kid.

Fortunately, though, for those who like Disney endings, Jeter does have an adorable nephew. And Jeter’s adorable nephew was at Yankee Stadium for Jeter’s last game, being adorable.

Here he is adorably tipping his “RE2PECT” cap to his legendary uncle:

And here he is adorably hanging out down on the field with Jeter while he gives a post-game interview:

Way to be adorable, Jeter’s adorable nephew.

Hat Tip – [Gamedayr]

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