The Washington Redskins Are Selling Old, Skunky Beer to Their Fans (Pic and Tweet))

Washington Redskins

As if the Washington Redskins weren’t already facing enough troublesome press, now they’ve been caught selling less-than-fresh beer to their fans at FedEx Field. How do we know? Because the World Cup took place back in June, and its logos are emblazoned on the stadium’s Budweiser bottles.

If a team name insensitive to Native Americans doesn’t draw your ire, then selling stale beer must. I mean, what are you, made of stone? The Washington Redskins have been told publicly by Budweiser that the beer is past its freshness date, and that they should stop selling it. While I doubt that Dan Snyder has been instrumental in selling bad beer to Washington Redskins fans for profit, it’s fun to blame him, so let’s pretend he’s the mastermind.

I mean, sell me hot dogs made from ground-up orphans, but don’t charge me $11 for an old beer. Charge me $11 for a new beer, dammit.

They’re selling old beer and RG3 mangles his leg. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. But still, don’t f*ck with our beer at a football game. You can get your ass kicked for pulling a stunt like that.

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