Cristiano Ronaldo Impostor Gets Girls Just by Wearing the Uniform (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo impostor

A Cristiano Ronaldo impostor went around in a full Real Madrid kit, introducing himself as the famous Portuguese soccer star, trying to kiss women and get their numbers. It would be really creepy if it wasn’t so obvious that this Cristiano Ronaldo impostor isn’t Cristiano Ronaldo at all.

In fact, I think he looks about 25 years younger than Ronaldo. But that didn’t stop this guy from trying. He didn’t get met with a lot of success, but that’s what hard work and faith is all about. He managed to get a jogger to give him a kiss, and he even scored a phone number, though I imagine that will be a very awkward date when she realizes that Ronaldo doesn’t drive a Fiat, and his credit cards usually don’t get declined.

Here’s the video. Go ahead and root for the underdog:

He doesn’t do great, but as far as Cristiano Ronaldo impostors go, he’s good enough to rent for a party, though he should probably not have started talking about sandwiches.

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