J.J. Watt Pick-Six Powers Texans Over Bills, Suggests J.J. Watt May Not Actually Be Human (GIF + Video)

j.j. watt pick-six

Everyone already agreed that Texans defensive end J.J. Watt was worth every penny of his monstrous $100 million contract extension when all he did was swat passes down out of the air and prevent touchdowns. What the hell is this guy worth now that he intercepts passes and returns them for touchdowns, too?

In Houston on Sunday, Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel was the victim of the first ever regular season J.J Watt pick-six. Just seconds into the second half, with Buffalo up 10-7, Manuel somehow didn’t see Watt’s ginormous 6’5″, 290-pound frame between him and Fred Jackson, so he tried to throw the ball to Jackson anyway. Watt then showed off those soft tight end hands of his, held on to the ball, and ran it back to give the Texans a lead they would not relinquish.

Take a look:

j.j. watt pick-six

Have you ever seen a guy who weighs almost 300 pounds move that fast? This man is a freak.

Of course, Watt’s description of his touchdown celebration dance was almost as entertaining as the touchdown itself:

Whatever you want to call his celebration dance, Texans fans are hoping to see a lot more of it. Right now Watt has two touchdowns on the season—one on offense, one on defense—and that pretty much makes him the team’s best offensive weapon.

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