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Notre Dame Brawl Video Shows Dude Getting KO’d with One Punch (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, September 29, 2014
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Notre Dame brawl

This Notre Dame brawl has a little something for everyone.

The brawl actually took place at the ND-Syracuse game this weekend. The game didn’t take place in South Bend, but any game that features Notre Dame is a “Notre Dame game,” and as such, this is a Notre Dame brawl. The game took place at MetLife Stadium, so there were plenty of jerks from both teams in attendance.

It’s nearly impossible to get a sense of context here, but is there really any satisfying context for a stadium brawl?

The only thing satisfying here is knowing that the Fighting Irish are living up to their name. Watch the Deadspin-sourced video for the punch around :40:

You can hear a voice say “He got blown up.”

Yeah, I suppose he did. That’s what you get for attending a live sporting event these days and not expecting to get punched.